[v6 General Discussion] Video Card Requirement - Why?

I have a modern laptop with an Nvidia Nvs 4200M.
EW6 spec page says it doesnt support his card, but im wondering as to why?
This card supports DX10 and I found a post here [url:315zf9a4]http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?t=13513, saying that EW6 uses DX9 so that may not be it. Does EW6 use shaders or some other resources this card is lacking in?

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The NVS is a business class card for office applications. It also is quite a bit below what you would need in order to display EW 6 schedules with standard definition videos. The Geforce 210 is the card for just creating a schedule but in order to display a schedule with SD content you need to have at least a Geforce 230 which you can see that the NVS 4200m is well below that card.

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And I love the passmark scores there

Now I couldn't help but notice that we are comparing 3D scores, so are we just using that as the general comparison, or does EW6 have real time generated 3D effects?

As two side notes, my laptop is surprisingly playable on graphic intensive games (don't tell my pastor xD) and the Nvidia website says these little cards can support 4 screens concurrently!

I am just really trying to see what is the difference between the older EW and the new 6, because mine plays SD video just fine with 2 other concurrent screens, the only problems that occur are coding glitches.

Thank ya much for the replies!
Thank you for your questions about video cards. We want you to have the best experience possible and we don't feel that these cards will provide the best experience with the EasyWorship software. EasyWorship does use the direct3d rendering engine, and is designed to work on the NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards, so you do need a decent gaming graphics card for the best experience possible. NVS and Quadro cards are not designed for this type of use. We have listed them as not supported because they do not normally meet minimum requirements, and have been problematic over the years. We also look at the video cards that we know work well, like the NVIDIA GeForce 750 and compare specs to see how it might perform. If you wish to use one of these cards, you are more than welcome to try it and see how it behaves, however we cannot guarantee how well it will provide the best experience with EasyWorship. I hope this helps answer your questions.
Oh, okay, so a higher end 5th or 6th gen i5 with 4 cores and HD5500 graphics or greater should be fine then?
They support three screens and have these scores:
http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compa ... 5B%5D=2908

Thanks again!
Out of the 3 cards you have in the link I would lean more toward the 530 than the 5500.
Thank ya much and have a great one!