[v6 General Discussion] Song's verse, chorus, bridge arrangement

I've probably been doing this all wrong.

Whenever I add a new song to EasyWorship via SongSelect, it imports just one instance of each verse, chorus, and bridge, regardless of how the song is actually sung. So we have to copy and paste the whole chorus between each verse (as a new slide within the song). Sometimes this is a long process if the song has many verses, choruses, bridges. And it's not easily adjustable. For example, when I play certain songs, I play them differently than the praise band does them. So we're constantly changing songs back and forth.

It there an easier way to arrange songs for a worship service? Because the way we're doing it isn't much better than using PowerPoint. I hope that I'm overlooking something very simple.

The way we have it set up with just one variation allows that flexibility so the operator can choose which verse or chorus to go by selecting the appropriate one from the thumbnail above the live window. This is how I see the usefulness of this software, it is designed to let worship flow as the band or spirit leads, rather than being a slave to what was previously written or pre-agreed.

The software is so flexible it allows you to search and add new songs if required without the congregation knowing there has been a change.

Great work on some good software, we are finding version 6 works well for us
So you don't actually have the whole song arranged in such a way that the verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus is a linear flow?

I mean, I completely agree that when the worship leaders feel led to change it up, the presentation software should allow for quick changes, but generally songs are sung in a certain order, and the media person should just be able to proceed to the next slide, rather than trying to find the correct slide out of the many slides within a song.
The beauty of EasyWorship (and similar worship presentation software) is the flexibility it offers in allowing songs to be sung in different arrangements, requiring only that the video operator be aware of how the worship leader intends to structure the song for each particular performance. While the rigid, straight-through approach you describe offers simplicity for the operator, you might as well use PowerPoint. (Shudder... lol...)
Yeah, I see what you're saying. I came to EasyWorship from using EasySlides, which had the feature I'm describing. Basically, you could quickly arrange a song for the presenter by telling a song to do something like "verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus." It's a vast difference from PowerPoint because there's no copying and pasting involved. The advantage of this method is that it's the best of both worlds: quickly arranging the song for a particular worship set, and a linear work flow for the presenter.

I guess my ideal setup would make it as easy as possible for the media team because they're juggling a lot of things on the computer and sound board during the service.