[v6 General Discussion] Import DOC, PDF files

Is it possible to import a .DOC file or .PDF file into EW and display it. Thanks.

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If you have 32bit office installed you will be able to import a doc file but there is not a way to import a PDF file.
How do I display a .Doc file?
You can import it as into a song and then display it that way.
I do not like to project Doc files and PDF files. These files are usually designed for printing and not for projection. Usually the text is way too small and the format is not correct. EW is not designed to use such files either

However, if I really had to, I would do the following:

PRIOR to the program I would load the DOC/PDF file and open it on the second monitor/projections screen.

Start EW and send it live. It will take over what you have on the second monitor/projector and all of your EW media will go to screen as normal. When you need to show the DOC/PDF, just click on LIVE. the EW display will disappear and the DOC?PDF will be showing on the screen. When you don't need that showing any more, click on LIVE and the EW screen will take over.

I have not used this method for these files but have for other media that EW cannot accept - e.g. an EXE file.

This then is totally seamless and distraction free. I would never set that up during a program though or it will be a big distraction to your audience.