[v6 General Discussion] Self Running Presentation: Black Slide

I created a self-running presentation in EW6. All slides had similar displays: background image, text in the foreground, color, etc. I set the transition for the whole theme (in the Master slide) to be looped, 0.5sec with a Blend.

During the slideshow running for the first time, all except one slide would not display. This one slide was black. After the slideshow continued to go through the loop, the 'black' slide appeared as normal (as it should have).

Any reason why this would be occurring and what I should be looking for if this happens again?


I would like to look at the file. Would you please create a ticket and attach the file to it.

You can create a ticket on the support portal by logging into the website. https://easyworship.com/Account/Login:2zwsk3tr]Click Here
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

I just wound up recreating the whole thing, and it worked fine.