[v6 General Discussion] Automatically Advance to Preview

how do I get items in my schedule to automatically advance to preview when I advance items to "Go Live"?

I was messing with it today and discovered....When I advance from the schedule to Live, the preview windows advances. When I advance from the preview to Live, the preview window does not advance. It's an inconsistency that will throw off my volunteers.

Which View are you using in EW6? Also can you give me the exact steps that you following.
I have the same problem.

EW6 v 4.8
View: preview and live
Options: Advanced: Advance Schedule after Go live is pressed - enabled.

With schedule created, first song in live area, second song queued in the preview.
a) If I click the go-live icon, second song goes live and third schedule item moves from schedule to preview
b) If I double click on the item in the preview area, second song goes live but the third schedule item does NOT replace it in the preview area.

I have checked an older installation of EasyWorship 2009, and in that version, double clicking in the preview area DOES cause the next schedule item to replace it.

I was wondering whether to report this as a bug or as a feature request, then discovered this discussion topic so thought I'd append my support to it!

We have submitted it as a bug.