[v6 General Discussion] Is anybody else doing this with a camera feed?

About a year ago our church got a new computer with a Blackmagic capture card & started using a video feed with the camera connected directly (no switcher involved). I wanted to put the pastor's notes on top of the video so I made a "song" for them. Each week I make a new song with each slide as a separate note, fill-in-the-blank, or verse & I use the feed as the background to the song. I could have put the feed as the background to the scriptures too & swapped back & forth, but I didn't want to bother. Just copying the verse into the song works easier for me. That way it's all in one place & I just work my way down the slides as the service goes on. Anyways, on the screen the congregation sees the pastor speaking & when it's time for his note to pop up I let off of the clear button. I've also got the video feed set on the Logo button so if someone takes the stage for announcements, communion, or baptisms I can switch it on by hitting that button. When switching from Logo (camera) to the "song" with the clear button on there's no "blip" in the video either. The transition is seamless. I know this wasn't the intended use for these things, but it's been a usable work-around for us for the last year. Kinda fun too. Now we're looking at adding two other cameras with a Roland V-1hd switcher. My question is...is anybody else doing what I'm doing & have they tried it with a switcher? If the feed is active can you switch cameras without a "blip" in the video? And yes, I know the "normal" way of using a switcher is to run EW into one of the switcher's inputs & use chroma-key to overlay words onto the video. Curiosity has me wondering though. Thanks!

I thought somebody might have chimed in by now. OK...is anybody using feeds? What's your experience been? What setup do you have? Or, anybody using EW with a switcher?
Yes we do in our church.
What are you using to capture the video? How many cameras are you using? Any issues?