[v6 General Discussion] Copying Database to another PC

Hi - our volunteers work from home setting up the schedules in advance so they need regular access to an updated copy of the database. In 2009 we used a program called BackupXP (which also worked on other Windows versions) to create a ZIP file which could be easily copied and inside were Restore* programs to rename the exiting database and restore the ZIP to the new machine. I have watched the video that says how to do it but it is very manual and prone to error. Is anything like BackupXP that is available for V6?


I do not know of any program like that.

In order to back up the data and transfer it to another machine you need to follow the steps below.

1. open EW 6.
2. Click on PROFILES
4. Click on the highlighted instance location (this will open a window where all you files are located. )
5 Close EW.
6. Copy the files from the window that opened up to a flash drive.
7. Reverse the process on the machine you are taking the data to.
Is it possible to reduce how much is copied from the profile?
Our active profile folder is nearly 8 GB as it includes various versions of the 2009 program which is still used for creating schedules for our laptops.
Ideally we only want to copy the songs database, and not any media, which would be included in the schedule anyway.

Failing that, what would be the minimum required to accomplish the task?
When you navigate to the path open the default folder and then databases and then just copy the data folder. This will be just the songs and should not be very large at all.
Thank you Terry.

As well as the Data folder that you mention in the Databases folder of the Profile folder, there are 3 further folders, v6.1, v6.B.1 and v6.A.1 in the profile folder.
The first 2 of which each contain data in a Data folder inside a Databases folder.
Am I correct in understanding that the songs database comprises of data from more than the one folder?
I am sorry. I am so used to giving the information for EasyWorship 2009 that is what I gave you.

You actually need to navigate to the v6.1 folder then open databases and then data and copy just the songs files.

Thank you for clearing that up.
20MB is a lot less than the 8GB of the main folder