[v6 General Discussion] Foldback Small Text on some Imported Songs

Fir the first time, I am going through my entire database of songs that I imported from EW2009. Many songs will show up with very small text on the foldback screen. Some songs do it on all slides and some only on a few.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

Please, please help me with this. It is getting very frustrating to try and get fixed.
Go to edit, options, foldback, Songs
Click on Song Font
Make sure word wrapping is on.
Make sure resize text to fit element is checked
And you may want to normalize text size across slides.
You can also check the same thing on default font by clicking foldback then default font.
Thanks Rodger, so far so good.

One thing it did not fix on problem songs is the slide label. Where it says Verse 1, it is still very, very small.

Not on all songs, only songs where I was having the small font problems.
Now I have a song where the FOLDBACK text is at the bottom of the foldback screen. How in the world does that happen and how do I fix it?
Can you send a screen shot of this?
I was already able to fix it by resetting the song text. If I run across another doing something I will post.
Terry, really trying to figure out what is going on. I have two computers that use the same database and the same settings in profile.

On the main computer, the font size of the foldback song is 36pt. However, on the second computer it shows it at 18pt. If I increase it to 36pt on the second computer, it increases it to 74pt on the main computer.

So each computer has a different number and changing it effects the other one but there does not seem to be a way to get them the same.

Is the screen resolution different on the two machines?

Are you saying the the point size is relative to the screen resolution?
I am not sure yet.

I need to set it up on my machine exactly as you are doing and test it.

Are you able to call tech support?