[v6 General Discussion] Setting default background for songs in a schedule

After upgrading to EW6 (2009 finally stopped working under Win10 with the latest "secret" update from Microsoft) I'm struggling to get it to behave the way it did before.

While the previous handling of backgrounds wasn't perfect, we understood it. We have an extensive collection of songs with *no* backgrounds set on them. When we add them to a schedule, we would set a default background that was appropriate for the time of year or the current special event (or whatever was set from the previous week. Then all the songs would pick up that background.

Now it appears I have to manually set the theme to every song in the schedule every week.

Or, we could set the theme on the song so it is stuck there forever.

Is there no way to set a default theme for a schedule that will be inherited by all the songs in the schedule (except the few that might have a specific background set on them)?

thank you, I've spent months looking for that!
This procedure only seems to work if you don't already have a Schedule configured. If I follow this procedure on a pre-existing schedule, nothing happens with the backgrounds on existing slides. If I drag a theme to the songs or scripture, the slides open up, and I then must apply the theme to each one. That will finally work, but it sure can be time-consuming.
If this is correct behavior, I'm disappointed. I liked the way EW 2009 and below handled it.
Yes I found that disappointing
My instinct is to make schedule Then look at songs & consider song theme. But then you have to add image to each song -fairly quick with only 1/2 doz songs

& if theme selected first, theme is not used if song already has a background -I think

https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/8991-how-to-set-a-song-scripture-and-presentation-theme-ew-6-:30i8dn2c]Here is a video that will show you how to set a default theme

This link is broken, as are many other links to videos on the EW site.