[v6 General Discussion] Not keeping output screen settings

We just changed our projector for an LCD TV. Since, My output screen is always set on Custom Position by default. I need to go in the settings each time I'm using Easyworship 6 to set it to Secondary Monitor.

I'm in extended desktop before running Easyworship.

How can I get Easyworship 6 to keep my output screen on Secondary Monitor?

Hi Rodger,

Did what you told me. It changed nothing. After, I changed the TV resolution to match the laptop and it worked. Even after a restart.

Thanks for your help.
Forgot to say....its an Intel Video Card.
Thanks Rodger, I will try that on Sunday and will let you know for sure.
Right click on the EW icon. Click on properties.
Click on the compatibility tab.
Click change settings for all users.
Check the box to disable display scaling on High DPI settings.
Then see how it behaves.
Hi Rodger, no worries...

I use a laptop that is connected to the screen when doing the schedules.
Usually first thing I boot the laptop, turn on the TV (65inch LCD), get a ppt live for our annoucements then work on the schedule.
The TV is connected with a RJ45 to HDMI extender.

No matter what order I use, it keeps reverting back. Usually the live output takes 1/4 of the actual TV. I have to change the resolution each time to make it work, no matter what I do, its not keeping the settings.
I'm sorry, it seems like the thread was kind of hijacked. My apologies for not answering your question.
Your issue sounds like the options aren't saving for some reason, or you are using a laptop without a monitor to build schedules, then plugging it on to do your service. In that case EasyWorship will remember the last state it was in. If you were using it with monitor 1 it will use monitor 1 until you change it.
Rodger: Does this discussion have something to do with the issue I have or its all about Granpaw Broon?

I don't know what to do as his issues seems different then mine.

EasyWorship should be saving the pixel locations in the windowsettings.ini file in %appdata%\Softouch\Easyworship.v6.1\Settings
Try deleting that file and see what happens.
I'm still thinking that Windows is moving things around, thus making the coordinates that EasyWorship saves, wrong when you reboot.
Unfortunately, it did not last. Yesterday the primary and secondary displays in EW6 were reversed again but not in Windows 10. Once again I have to drag the Control image back from secondary to primary monitor and change the Display monitor back to secondary. After that all works okay again but why can't EW6 remember the settings when it is first switched on?
Forgot to say we are using an HDMI extender via cat6 cables.

That is Great!!!!
All went well on Sunday after I updated Windows 10 with the Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3133431). Don't understand how this could affect the graphics setup but for the first time since using Win 10 & EW6 combination we did not have this issue. The monitors were correctly setup on both Nvidia & Windows and I did run dxdiag and as expected it had no errors.
I'll let you know how it goes Roger as I won't get a chance till Sunday
some settings are stored in db files and some in ini files.
do the dxdiag tabs match EasyWorship or windows?
Thanks for that info Roger, I wasn't aware that you used an ini file to store EW settings. We are not using a custom setting just primary (2) for Control, secondary(3) for display and Monitor 3(1) for foldback.

┌┐ ┌┐ ┌┐
└┘ └┘ └┘
#3 #2 #1
Disp Cont Fold
Sec Pri Mon3

Thanks David