[v6 General Discussion] [Solved] Problems using MyBookLive as Shared Drive

We in the beginning stages of experimenting/incorporating EasyWorship on a Windows 7 Professional computer. Our sound room crew have been using PowerPoint files located on a MyBookLive shared drive. The MyBookLive is mapped to the computer with drive letter "W." Using this device gives vastly greater storage, and lets the church office create and edit files for the sound room without having to access the physical computer located there.

The sound room crew has been experimenting with EasyWorship using files on the local physical drive and that has worked fine.

In order to make everything consistent they attempted to make a new profile that pointed to a folder on the shared (W) drive. When they attempted to switch to the new profile, Easy Worship told them "Failed to load profile due to insufficient user rights."

I was called in because I was the person who set up the MyBookLive. I double checked that when the drive is mapped, the user is supposed to get full control (read and write access). The Windows interface does not want to let me change permissions on the W drive (or folders) - presumably because it was set upon being mapped.

I would hope that there is something simple going on and that a simple fix will allow us to have a profile defined on the shared MyBookLive drive.

Is anyone out there successfully using EasyWorship with a MyBookLive? Any ideas from within EasyWorship or Windows to overcome this permissions problem?


Can you navigate to the W drive path were you are trying to create the profile? If not it is a Windows permissions issue. You need to give the group Everyone full control read and write.
I just installed a WD MyCloud EX2 and have discovered that it doesn't have all the file permissions that Windows has available. Which for my purposes is OK since I'm using it for backup and archiving, but it wouldn't necessarily work as a Windows share. You're better off putting a share on Windows and keeping a backup on MyBook.
I did confirm that we can make a working profile by using the "Public" drive built into the MyBookLive. It also appears that using a working profile they can create, open, modify and save schedule files located in their password protected share. I'll discuss the security concerns with the Sound Room Team and let them decide what they want to do.

Thank you both for commenting.