[v6 General Discussion] Windows 10

Is Easyworship 6 compatible with windows 10 and office 13?
We used it this week and were faced with blank screens when we tried to project it to the screens

Yes it is.

Are you able to go live with a song from the database or does it show up as black on the screen also?

When you say blank screens you are talking about the projector correct?
Some songs appear but the screens are blank and the powerpoints are also blanked out
My wife (the minister) started of using powerpoint 13 on her laptop and then transferred it to powerpoint 2010 on her desktop to finish off the service
Could this have caused the problem??
You may need to call us here so that we can trouble shoot the issue.
Seems to Work alright for me - I'm using Windows 10 with Office 2013 to propare the Schedules at home.

Haven't dared to upgrade to Windows 10 in our church. I might wait a few months, so that you other guys can iron out all the problems.
We also had trouble playing videos. They would play in EW but not show up on the screen. We loaded Windows 10 in our office computer and because you sign in with your Microsoft account it affected our computer in the sanctuary and our children's church chapel even though they run on Windows 8. In both places the videos did not play unless we would shut down EW and restart.