[v6 General Discussion] Benefits of upgrading to EasyWorship 6


I would like to upgrade to EW 6. in order to do this, I need to convince my board that it is beneficial. I was hoping users that have been on EW 2009 in the past and now are on EW 6 would be able to let me know some of the benefits of upgrading.

Thank you!

Here are a few but not all of the updates or new features for EasyWorship 6.

Broader Media Support
[list:25mum3i0]New Compatible Formats: MP4 & MOV
Set in and out points on video & audio
Tagging on all media items [/list:u:25mum3i0]

Broadcast Features
[list:25mum3i0]Alpha Channel Support
NewTek Tricaster AirSend Support
BlackMagic Design Support [/list:u:25mum3i0]

Improved Search
[list:25mum3i0]Search the song library by song lyrics
Search scriptures by keyword or phrase
Scripture Reflow
Build separate slides for scriptures based on the user-defined settings[/list:u:25mum3i0]

[list:25mum3i0]Change the background and select an audio and theme to songs or scriptures on the fly. [/list:u:25mum3i0]

Theme Designer
[list:25mum3i0]Create custom templates that can be applied to scripture, songs, and presentations. [/list:u:25mum3i0]

Presentation Designer
[list:25mum3i0]Create looping announcements
Apply spell check to any slide
Add bullets to slides
Add custom transparencies & reflections to graphic elements
Add a logo to any slide using transparent PNG. [/list:u:25mum3i0]

[list:25mum3i0]Create collections based on criteria you define. [/list:u:25mum3i0]

Flexible Interface
[list:25mum3i0]Flexible user interface allows individual window panes to be sized according to preference
Create slides faster with auto-sizing and auto-select for text style and positioning or control it yourself [/list:u:25mum3i0]
Hi Tim,
If you are likely to use any or all of these features then great, but in our church, the only one we would be likely to use is the search for words within songs or scripture. Our vicar wants all songs and scriptures to be white on black so the themes won't get much use!
EW6 also makes greater demands on your computer and its video card so you may need to budget to replace these as well.
I'd play with the evaluation version and be prepared to stick with EW2009 unless there is a feature in EW6 that you really need. EW2009 is an excellent program!
I agree with Harry,
There is no need to buy software unless you need it or it does something you needed the old software to do.

Chances are you may not have to upgrade your computer right away.
The slowest computer I've seen EasyWorship 6 running on had an AMD Sempron 1.8 Ghz processor 2GB RAM.(Doesn't even meet minimum requirements for 2009)
It still worked but the computer over all was deathly slow in the first place.
When EW 6 released I was using an 8 year old computer in the office here with a decent NVidia GTX 250 graphics card, 4 GB DDR2 Memory and Core2Duo CPU.
I also tested with the NVIDIA 240 and 230 graphics cards with decent results and it worked fine.

At home I build my schedules on an AMD Triple core, with 4 GB Ram and AMD 5450 graphics. It works fine on it also.
So I think if you bought your computer to meet the mid to higher requirements for 2009 in the last 3-5 years, it should run ok.
EasyWorship does use more resources, but I think it's still one of the more conservative pieces of software out there considering most web browsers with two or three tabs open use more resources than EW 6.