[v6 General Discussion] Scripture Text Bug?

Hi All,

I edited a Scripture theme adding outline to the text - it looks OK in the preview window (bottom right corner) but when selected for a live scripture reading the outline to the text doesn't show - I think the same also applies for the shadow feature. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in 6.3.1?

Thanks for your help with this.

Slight correction - the shadow option appears to be OK - its just the text outline that won't show when used for a live scripture reading.

In EW click on THEMES and then right click and edit the theme. Highlight the scripture text. click on INSPECTOR and under the TEXT field click on OUTLINE. I selected RED so I could test it and changed the SIZE to an outrageous size of 24 for testing. When I drop the theme on top of the scripture I was able to see the outline. There was an issue on older builds previous to 6.3.1 but this has been fixed.
Hi Terry,

I'm using EW 6.3.1 and have followed your instructions (also exaggerating the outline ) - but there's no change here, the outline is still missing - see the screen grab - hope you can help. Using Windows 8.1
try right clicking the theme and click set as scripture theme.
Then see if it uses those settings as the font settings.
It looks like you have the default options under edit, options set to no outline.
If you don't set the theme to be the default theme, it will use the settings you set in options.
Got it Rodger - thanks for your help.