[v6 General Discussion] Scripture background

Today, our pastor gave me Genesis 6:1-12 for our service. I moved the verses into the timeline before the service. I then added a .jpg image background to the verses using the new click and drag feature. It worked quickly and easy...until, during the service, my pastor went on to read the next two verses. Without time to add it to the schedule, I simply double-clicked the verses but the background image was not the one I was wanting to work with. It was a random image that we used about two weeks ago.

In EW 2009, when we added or selected a background image, that image was on ALL of our scriptures, no matter what we added.

Can you help me with this?

Great question. Looking forward to an answer.
What is your default scripture theme using as its background?
When you drag and drop a scripture to the schedule it will use what ever you have selected as the scripture theme. If you have not selected a theme it will just show up as a black background.
That solved it, thank you!