[v6 General Discussion] Losing presentation content

Opened EW6.3.1 to set up services for coming weekend. Frequent "Access violation" messages. Two "Out of memory" messages. One lock up requiring Ctrl-Alt-Del to shut down. And all 38 of my presentations (which have been used over past months) show as thumbnails with no content in them - potentially 38 lost presentations! Fortunately I have them backed up so was able to re-install them, but when I closed and re-opened EW they were gone again.

One of our long-serving AV operators has stepped down because he "doesn't have enough hours left in his life to wrestle with EW".


I am sorry you are having these issues. Have you called tech support? I would be glad to help you out.
Appreciate the offer, but I live in UK and therefore calling tech support is not straightforward - or affordable - plus I have to check if this is happening on our other EW installations. I am currently working on my home PC where I prepare the schedules and save them to Dropbox for uploading, checking and editing on the Worship Area PC later in the week. I've just run it on my laptop and the same has happened - thumbnails with the Presentation name but no content. All the Presentations have been created and used successfully in EW6 - most of them several times in EW6.3.1
Our church is having the same problem...any fix to this????????????????????

Easy worship?????????????
If you still getting this error make sure that you are running the most current build of EasyWorship which is build 6.4.8 and can be downloaded from https://easyworship.com/downloads/ew_builds/current/EasyWorship_web.zip:39zxlxdo]here