[v6 General Discussion] [FIXED 6.3.2] Auto font size randomly sets a small font size

We are using Easyworship 6.3.1 with auto font size turned on for everything. In this release where randomly one slide in a song or Easyworship presentation is given a very small font size even though what was in the library originally was fine. Other songs or presentations in the schedule don't have this problem.

When we edit the song in the schedule and reset the font size the front of house display is fixed but the foldback display remains very small. Help!

Is there a fix for this yet? We are new users to 6 4.8 and could use a little help with the small/random size font issue. Thanks

This was fixed already. I have created a ticket for you and will be contacting you that way.
Is there a fix for this yet? We are new users to 6 4.8 and could use a little help with the small/random size font issue. Thanks
Experiencing the same thing: font in the song editor is fine, even in live screen. But once placed in schedule and go live, the font size on some, and only some, lines of text goes EXTREMELY small; like 1 point font size. Usually it is on the second slide and thereafter, and usually the first line of the affected slides are fine, but the following lines are small. The bug doesn't affect all songs, just some; not sure what makes some affected while others not.

Removing the affected song from the schedule and reinserting the song that displays correctly in the song editor does nothing to fix the issue.

Only work around I can find is to edit the song from the schedule and remove auto-sizing, and specify an exact font size.
I have had to revert to using EW 2009 due to this bug.
For a little more feedback, we are experiencing this on many songs, front and foldback screens. Editing the song to reset the font sizes and save does NOT stick. Later, going live, we have 1 line of very large text and then the following lines are so tiny that they can't even be seen on the screen or monitor. Edit, save, lather-rinse-repeat has caused us to scrap EW6 until many more releases come out. Please keep working on this. We also miss the VJ mode very much. Along with:
1. Clicking an item in the schedule MUST jump to that item in the database. Please allow the original mode where selecting an item in the Schedule finds it in the Database, so we don't waste so much time re-typing searches we already have in the schedule and need to edit, then replace in order for themes/db edits to change in the schedule.
2. No tooltips on buttons?
3. Go Live should move focus to Live section so a Down Arrow will work on the live item. (Neither double-click nor Go Live button do this.)
4. After adding a PowerPoint, dragging it WAY back up to the top is extremely slow. Prefer slow-to-accelerated drag like PowerPoint has. (Also, a move to top item in right-click context menu would help.)
5. When dragging a song or PowerPoint in the schedule, other items expand much too quickly (partly because it's so slow). Only dragging video and image media would need to expand a song, anyway.
6. When adding a PowerPoint (we'd prefer a dedicated button, rather than 3 clicks-deep on shaky menus)
7. New MiddleLive section (where Preview used to be) could stay (auto) centered as you progress, so we may see the next slide without constantly scrolling it up.
8. It's almost impossible to make a quick change (song editor, left tab text editing area) during worship practice.
9. Please send us emails when you publish updates or have announcements. (Mailchimp/Mandrill) I can no longer research/search the forums just to be alerted that I should come back and try EW6 again.
Very soon.
Please advise when this fix [and Version 6.3.2] will be released... We are having so much trouble with fonts going to (what looks like) 1 Pt. Font Size. Also, resetting themes to the current Song Theme is painful. We used to be able to right click a song in the schedule and choose reset. Now, somewhere with Inspector >> Presentation (whatever that is) and Reset to Global, even though there's also in the Inspector >> Slide - Background >> Revert to Theme does NOT work (sometimes disabled). This is a mess!