[v6 General Discussion] Bug regarding collections

I've just installed v6 Build 3.1 having played with earlier V6 releases, though I haven't kept up with all of them - we're not using v6 "in anger" yet because I'm not happy to make the change from 2009 which our projectionists are familiar with.

I think I've come across a bug in Collections. I have songs from several different hymnbooks loaded. I distinguish them by adding < XXX %%% > to the title - for example "< H&P 123 >" means it's from Hymns and Psalms whereas "< StF 123 >" is from Singing the Faith. Songs of Fellowship are identified simply with the number, such as "< 123 >". I then build my collections using multiple rules, where necessary. However, the rules don't always seem to be applied.

For example, the Songs of Fellowship rules are:
- Titie does not contain "< H&P"
- Title does not contain "< StF"
- Title does not contain "< SttL"
- Copyright does not contain "Public Domain"
- Title ends with ">"

What I'm finding is that the first rule is ignored (or not matched). Is it possible that the & character is causing the problem, by any chance? (If I change the rule to "does not contain" "< H" then it works fine, but that might cause a problem elsewhere ...)


I believe you will notice the rules ignore non-alphanumeric characters in criteria and it's also case-insensitive.

In my system, GRBC = grbc = -GRBC = GRBC-. Which identifies SongSelect and other contemporary songs.

I also identified hymns with #nnn but the # was not searchable so I had to change them to HYMNAL #nnn and search for HYMNAL.
Was there any official update on this issue, please, since I originally posted it? It seems that the rules for collections can still only cope with alphanumeric characters. I can't see this documented anywhere, so I'm still not sure whether it's a bug or a "feature". With about 700 "songs" in the database with "< H&P xxx >" (where xxx is the number of the hymn in that book), I'd love to hear that it can filter on "H&P" properly so that I don't have to edit all those songs ...

I just want to make sure that I am understanding exactly what you are putting in the song title box. Are putting in just the letters H&P 123 or <H&P 123> or "<H&P 123>"

I'm putting the 11 characters < H&P 123 > - it's the middle one of your three options, though there are some additional spaces ...