[v6 General Discussion] [FIXED 6.3.1] Embeded audio in PowerPoints not playing

We often get visiting speakers/missionaries who bring there own PowerPoint files. Some of them embed an audio file in their PPTX. They work fine when played directly from PowerPoint 2013, but do not play the audio when played through EasyWorship 6 we are running the latest build 6.2.1. They used to work fine in EasyWorship 2007? I have tried with different types of audio file e.g. WMA, MP3, WAV but none of them work. Any help would be appreciated

It depends on how the slideshow was created. If it was created in PowerPoint 2010 or newer, it should just work. The audio is embedded into the slideshow.
As a matter of fact I had a PowerPoint given to me that was saved in PowerPoint for mac onto a flash drive and loaded into EW 6.2.1. It worked exactly as it was designed to work including the audio.

Sometimes you do need to start the slideshow in PowerPoint and then save it again for it to reconnect the links to the audio files.
Older versions of PowerPoint would link to an external audio source. That audio source has to be available and the link has to be recreated by PowerPoint by running the slideshow and letting PowerPoint fix the link, then saving the file to save the updated links to the audio files.

Make sure in EasyWorship 6 that it is set to use the Application and not the viewer, however this weekend for some reason mine was set to use PowerPoint 2010 viewer.
This option can be found under edit, options, advanced.
We are running two good spec HP Pavilion 500-319na Desktop PC's with I7 processor, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 705-1GB running Windows 8.1, MS Office 2013 and EW We have tried creating a PPTX on PowerPoint 2013 and embedding an audio file into it to play automatically and also by clicking a play icon, neither work on either computers. They do both work if played directly through PowerPoint 2013 on each machine. I have tried having PowerPoint open as well as EW but this makes no difference. I have tried doing a complete software rebuild too, still no joy. Please can anyone help on this problem .
Sorry also meant to say that we have EW set to use PowerPoint application and not the viewer.
I think the upcoming build will help with this issue.
Hi Terry, Thanks I will look forward to it. Any idea about when it will be released?
Cheers Dave
Later today or tomorrow.