[v6 General Discussion] Networking with EW6

I have EW6 installed both on my office computer and on the computer in the worship center which we use for worship presentations. I do a lot of schedule building, etc. on my office computer. In the past with 2009 I ran a batch file that would copy all the image, video, etc. files to the appropriate directory on my office computer from the worship computer. I would work on the schedules on the hard drive on the worship computer from my office computer. It worked fine that way. Now with EW6 and the new "Folders and Collections" for storing images, videos, etc. I no longer have duplicate information on my office computer. I don't know what file(s) would need to be copied from the Worship computer to my office computer. Is there a way I can simply work over the network (peer to peer) to access the EW6 program on the Worship comoputer from my Office computer? I have learned that Collections are available over networked computers, but I cannot find how to set them up. My office computer is Windows 7 PRO and the Worship computer is Windows 8.1 PRO. I have looked through help files and videos, but found no help. Thanks.

Unless I am misunderstanding all you need to do is open EW and then click on Profiles//Profiles Manager and then Edit//Advanced then browse the network and point to the profile that is on the other computer. Then check the little box that reads "Start using this profile when finished" and then click OK. You should then be pointing to the data on the other profile.
Did as you suggested. When I open EW6 a popup window reads: Failed to open database: \\AVCOMPUTER1\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\EasyWorship\Default_1\6.1\Options\Default.ewo\LiveSettings.db.

I clicked OK, but I did not get the folders/collections as configured on the other computer.

Wayne Mock
I have designated one computer as the "master" or source repository of files and all others as "slave" or destination of those files. Usong EW2009 feature that scanned schedule for changes to keep songs updated in master database. Unfortunately EW6 hasn't implemented this feature yet. I use Dropbox as my file transport.

Rem If not master overwrite local Profile folders

Rem If master overwrite Dropbox Profile folders

As for media resources they are stored directly in Dropbox folders. To maintain same path I set M: drive as an alias for actual drive (in my case either C: or D:) so it's M: on all computers. It seems to be working in EW6 except for PowerPoint files which are reprocessed to build thumbnails by EW Helper every time even though files are same size, date and location.
Our network router has the option of installing an external USB storage device. Would it be feasible to install a drive on this port and redirect our EW6 installs to it? I tried the Dropbox thing and it failed (as noted in other posts).
As long as that USB device can be mapped as a drive on the computer then it should be able to work.

I'm very interested in duplicating the Dropbox process you use. The code you have posted appears to be a "batch file" of sorts, going back to my DOS days. Do you run this at windows bootup? Also how exactly are you using a common Dropbox folder for your image/video resources. If you prefer I can email you directly. Thanks in advance for all your help.