[v6 General Discussion] Different image for Foldback display

Is it possible to display the song lyrics for the choir on the stage monitor only, while the main displays show the logo? Sometimes our choir sings a special song that is not a congregational song. So the don't necessarily need the audience to see what they are reading. Also, for Christmas plays, it would be nice for the kids to see their lines on the back wall without all the parents reading along on the main monitors.

I can't find that in the manual anywhere. If that feature isn't available, maybe that would be worth considering. Thanks!

Click Clear button to remove words on Live display.
I've done this using a "freeze" of "blank" button on the projector remote.
Thanks. We use flat screen TV monitors, so that wouldn't work for us.
As for the CLEAR button, I think it clears our stage display as well, but I'll have to double check.
You don't need to use clear or the freeze button. If you want to just display a logo hit the logo button (assuming that you have assigned a logo to it). Couldn't be easier.
Thanks for the replies! I use the Clear and the Logo buttons all the time, but I was afraid I would clear the words on the stage. We just installed the new foldback and used it for the first time this Sunday, and I was assuming that what I could see on the main screens was identical to the new stage monitor. From my position in church, I cannot see the foldback during the service. Doh!
You can change the Live pane to show Foldback by using dropdown selector above pane.
Wow, that is a great tip. I will definitely try that. Funny, I didn't see that in the manual either... Thanks!