[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint/Corel Presentation Images

Can you use image backgrounds from outside programs i.e., MS Powerpoint/Corel Presentations, in Easy Worship?

You can use PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF file in EasyWorship.
If it is a proprietary format like a microsoft clipart file, it may not work.
How do you go about an access the images from Powerpoint and Corel Presntations and transfer the images to Easy Worship?
Provided they're in the one of the formats which Rodger already described, you can browse to the folder location and import the images. If they're proprietary (meaning they only work in Powerpoint or Corel), then they won't work in EasyWorship. I don't know if they work, since I've never tried it. Go for it.
If you have a PowerPoint you can "save as" "other formats" "save as type: jpeg" and you get a folder full of jpg's, one per slide.