[v6 General Discussion] Working with 3 monitors for EasyWorship 6


My church recently purchased 3 Tvs as well as a laptop and an additional monitor for Easy worship 6. The issue I am having is the output display. So essentially we have 3 monitors. the laptop is imonitor 1 the second monitor is 2 and the TVs are monitor 3. I do not know how to display what's on Monitor 1 on monitor 3, or display what's on monitor 2 on monitor 3. If anyone can help solve this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

It sounds like you need a distribution amplifier.
Connect the amplifier to the laptop, then connect the TVs and Monitor 2 to it.
You will get the same output from EasyWorship on the TVs and Monitor 2.
Thank you for responding! What I want to do is have the live output show on Monitor 2 and displayed on the TVs (monitor 3) while using monitor 1 (the laptop) to control the live output.

Are you wanting to have the same thing show up on the three outputs?

If you are using a laptop the laptop screen is your primary output and then on the back of the laptop you usually have only one output that would be plugged either directly into a Projector or a TV. If you have multiple outputs that you want display the output on then you would need to have a splitter that would take the output signal to the multiple outputs. If you are wanting to use the foldback feature in EW you would need to use the Matrox Dualhead2go.