[v6 General Discussion] Screen flickering

Hi, We've been using Easyworship 6 for about a month now and is going great so far (after a quick learning curve over a couple of weeks). The only issue I've come upon recently is a flickering of the screen when opening up another program on my computer in the background (like firefox or PPT) while the output is running for Easyworship. Initially I couldn't figure out what the flickering was - i checked power sources, cables, and then realized that when I opened up Firefox when Easyworship was on, the screen began to flicker. This isn't constant - just when I make changes in the background, like opening or closing a program. I increased the virtual memory in Windows to 600MB. We have a 1GB ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 720 video card with output to two projectors and two screens, along with the workstation screen. We have 10GB of memory on our Windows 7 machine. (I would have gone with 2GB video card but we have a small frame computer that wouldn't take the larger cards).

Any ideas on what can help?

Tim Jameson

Do you mean flickering (change in brightness) or stuttering (skipping video frames)?

Your video card is underpowered for HD videos so it might have trouble running videos smoothly. The GT 700 series are low power and low bandwidth cards. If it fits this GTX 750 would provide much better performance.


With 10 GB of RAM there should be no need of additional virtual memory; you can check usage in Task Manager -> Performance. You can also check CPU utilization.
The flickering is basically a complete temporary loss of signal - the screen goes black for a split second. I had a feeling the video card may not be good enough. The retailer I went to didn't have much of a selection unfortunately. I may go ahead and buy the recommended card and see if there's a difference.
Thanks so much for the video card recommendation. I purchased the one you recommended and installed it yesterday. Works great. i really appreciate you guys and your quick responses to questions and problems.