[v6 General Discussion] Scripture issues

Last week, every time I went to scripture, it would lock up on me (every time). Now when I try to type a scripture in, I can't get it to work. I had to manually type in the scripture I was using as a song in order to get it to work which is really frustrating. The scripture was one of the things working for me before the past two updates and now it's totally useless for me.


Make sure that scriptures are not sorted by translation.
Click the top of the reference column to make sure that the scriptures are sorted by reference.
In the search box make sure the search is set to search by reference, you shouldn't see the the magnifying glass on the left of the search box.
If you do, click it to change the search mode.
WOW! Thank you for this! I didn't know what I did but the only thing it would "search" is the translation ie: KJV and I couldn't figure out what was wrong! We rebooted the computer, everything, and it still wasn't working. THANK YOU for putting this solution in the database, that was exactly what was wrong and now I know how and why it was wrong and how to fix it! AWESOME!
I have to say, I'm training someone and it's going very well (except that little glitch)!