[v6 General Discussion] Quick Edit

I think it would be good to have a Quick Edit Button or just Double Click on the Slide for an instant edit, and have only options for edit only the text, for Song Slides and Presentation.

For example, our church's pastors almost never show the Message because of counter time, or just because they could change it during the service.
So, we usually take notes, and right in the moment, we make a Slide for every point or title. But, it hard to do it quick because we have to add a new song or presentation, add a title, add a new slide, set the font size, the background, save it; double click on the song/presentation, live; and after some words, search the song/presentation, click on edit, edit, save, and again.

Something like this is certainly needed if we are to keep Easyworship easy!

I've used Powerpoint for this in EW2009 as you can load a presentation then open the same file in Powerpoint, edit it while EW is still displaying it then, when ready, save the Powerpoint and watch EW reload it ready to display the new version.

Something this easy is needed in EW6.
Agreed, I miss EW being able to magically update to the edited PPT.
Would be nice if EW Helper could do this in background since it's going to process it for thumbnails anyway.

As for original poster, if you added blank presentation to schedule before service you wouldn't need to do prep work during service. Since it's in schedule you won't need to search for it. This would be ideal use for an out-of-band editor that won't impede projection (except remote presenter); would require save button to avoid open-edit-close when making changes.
Good idea! I'll put this on our feature request list.