[v6 General Discussion] Multiple Monitor Setup and WEB based videos/sites

Hi, we upgraded to EW6 from 2009, and installed on a new desktop PC (Intel i5, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX650) so we could use a foldback screen. I have a couple issues I could use help/guidance/advice:

I have the GTX650 setup to support 3 monitors so we can use foldback. Its fine when running EW (though the Pastor has asked us to split slides up to reduce the number of lines on the foldback screen- 65" Vizio not large enough to see clearly from the stage; splitting slides up causes a whole bunch of other issues, but that's a different topic).

We had a case the other day of wanting to display a Dodgeball team bracket setup directly from a website. Its interactive so the operator/user can update and the Youth Pastor wanted this to be seen on the projection big screen. Inside EW we could not do this. We had to close EW, change the display settings to clone desktop and use it that way. on our previous setup with a laptop and only 2 screens, it was easy to switch back and forth, but with the 3 displays (one desktop and 2 extended), we could not make the switch back and forth easily. It seems the process is more complex to select each display and its orientation (i.e. extended, duplicate, turn off).
Is there a way to do this switch quickly that others have figured out?

On a related note, like this bracket website, we often are asked to run a video from a non-Youtube website, that we cannot download into a separate video file. We cannot schedule it, make it full screen, etc.. So we are forced to do this outside of EW as well. I just tried searching the online manual and was shocked at how little info there is on web based content (except for song lyric websites or the EW Media site). Even Youtube is barely mentioned.

Appreciate any wisdom others can share on these 2 issues.



Click the web button.
click on the web tab at the top after clicking the web button.
then enter the url of the page you want to schedule.
Click the schedule button at the top right to add the page to the schedule.
When you go live, you can move your mouse out to the second sceen and control it.
For youtube videos, EasyWorship can schedule them, but when you go live, you'll have to move your mouse out to the second screen to start the video.
Rodger, I appreciate the response, but this is what we tried to do, and it is not feasible.

The distance to the FOH screen is such that trying to find the mouse pointer to identify fields, use the maximize buttons, etc.. is nearly impossible from the control booth. Trying to do that while we have a church full of folks watching is painfully messy.

As I mentioned originally, with a laptop and dual screen, it was a fairly quick fix: close EW, Windows Button+P to access dialog to duplicate screens and go.

Last night, we tried this with our new 3 monitor setup and it was a disaster. Likely there was an issue prior and the equipment configuration is part of the issue, but I don't see the same option available to us any longer. It took us over an hour to get all 3 monitors back-up and setup properly for foldback.

I'm curious if anyone else has the 3 monitor setup for foldback and has found a trick to switch to duplicating screens and back to extended, on the fly during a service or event.


We have done this, but not with a duplicate screen set up. We have used programs like Prezzi by loading it before the service, moving the image so that it fills the main screen, being careful NOT to use the maximise button, and then minimising it. It sits on the toolbar ready to use and disappears again as soon as you click on anything to do with EW. Perhaps a pair of binoculars could help if you can't see the main screen from the control position!

If you do use the Maximise button the only way to move it back to the operators screen it is to find the middle button on the foldback screen, then you really do need binoculars!
We use an inexpensive VGA switch to handle our video switching needs; after all these years of trouble-free service haven't regretted it. We have two computers with two outputs and three projectors and can bring up any output on any projector with a couple of button pushes. One year before EasyWorship I used the computer with Matrox to display a wide PowerPoint (since considered the split display as a single and other computer showed lyrics on back screen; using Foldback before I knew what that meant.

Before Computer Upgrade -

After Computer upgrade -

I am not sure why I did not consider a VGA switch or at least a VGA splitter. With a splitter I can setup a local flatscreen and duplicate what is being sent to the projector, and also interact within the page. This should solve my main issue and avoid needing to mess around with my monitors any longer.

thanks all!