[v6 General Discussion] Creating themes

Sorry guys but I have drawn a complete blank trying to create a theme, I can't even get what I have achieved to save!
One of the things on my wish list for EW2009 a few years ago was to be able to have a live feed on half the screen and a song against a plain background on the other half. I was told I'd have to wait for EW6 for that.
Well now EW6 is here, I tried to create a theme that would allow this. I don't understand why we need a title and a subtitle etc., but I ignored these. I couldn't get the theme editor to see my live feed, I couldn't see how to create a box to put it in and I couldn't save what little I did do.
Am I barking up the wrong tree? I did read the help section but am still none the wiser.

You are dealing with a bug right now. Somehow a bug was introduced in the last update that prevents you from creating song or scripture themes. You can only create presentation themes for some reason.
You can edit an existing theme though. And you can add videos or images to themes by right clicking them and clicking copy to theme.
I think what you are asking can be done though.

For now you can probably edit an existing theme and test it.
Edit the theme, then click on media, select feeds from the dropdown box.
Drag and drop your feed onto the slide as an element. Make it the size you want.
Size the song text box to fit. Set your background to a solid color, or change the fill for the text box so that it has a solid color.

On the last image, I made the feed full screen and set a color background for the text box and set change the opacity on the fill.
Create a theme with gradient background, adjust text box size and add Feed media (push to back). I don't have a live feed at home but created the resource anyway.

Thanks both. Just what I was looking for.