[v6 General Discussion] Next Item Covers Powerpoint in Foldback Display

I've noticed that when showing a powerpoint slide, the next item on the foldback display overlaps the ppt image thus obscuring the bottom of the slide. In EW2009 this doesn't appear to be the case and sits under the ppt image enabling the speaker to see the complete powerpoint image. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? Thanks.

EasyWorship 6 is overlaying the text over the powerpoint. I think EasyWorship 2009 doesn't seem to show it at all.
EasyWorship 2009 does show it below the ppt image but EW6 obscures the lower part of the image.
What option enables next item for PowerPoint in EW2009? In my experience both clock and next item not present on Foldback during PowerPoint presentation. I can enable or disable thumbnails.

In EW6 no thumbnails but clock and next item present. PowerPoint slides were scaled to fit between them with either PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint Viewer.
Hi Frank,
I first saw this issue about 5 weeks ago, if you noticed the date I posted was 26th March but Rodger choose to reply yesterday so this issue may no longer be present. It was only on foldback but I won't be back at church till Sunday morning to try it. At the moment we still use EW2009 as there are too many other issues with EW6 presently. We don't have PPT2013 only 2010 and it's a stand alone version as we don't need or indeed use MS Office in our church setup.
Thanks David