[v6 General Discussion] Go Live not working properly

I just reconverted my data so to get all my backgrounds (great!). However, now when I GO LIVE with a song, the foldback changes but the main screen does not. I have to click on another slide in the song, then click back to SLIDE 1 to get it to show on the Main Screen.

Any ideas?

I don't think the settings file is recoverable. You'll have to set the settings in EasyWorship 6.
This is good info to know though.
Browse to the profile that was converted c:userspublicpublic documentssoftoucheasyworship...v6.1optionsdefault.ewo
Rename the two settings files there.
Reopen and try again.

That fixed everything, except, the font settings are not the same as in 2009. Whereas before, the songs looked exactly like they did in 2009.

Is the only option to go in and set up the font settings in ver6?

Thanks, Rodger!
Browse to the profile that was converted c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\...\v6.1\options\default.ewo\
Rename the two settings files there.
Reopen and try again.
Okay, this is something to do with the converted 2009 database. If I switch to the Default profile (which is empty), I can create songs without any errors.
Tried reinstalling and it did not help. I guess I could uninstall/reinstall.
First off, when I chose to create new song, I got a ScriptGetGlyphABCWidth failed error. Then I get all sorts of Access Violations screens. I am the only person using the database.

Should I try reinstalling?
What kind of video card do you have?
If you create a new song in EW 6 does it do the same thing?
Just realized, what I says get slide 1 up to the main screen, but going through all the slides it seems to randomly not change.