[v6 General Discussion] access violation

ok...tonight at our mid week service I noticed that one of the songs did not have the song title on the first slide.
tried the edit the song the first thing I notice that the song title it was empty but the title of the song in the Words Tab was on the first slide.
clicked on the area "Words" where I have the song title, "Access violation at address 00690928 in module 'Easyworship.exe', Read of address 00000000.
clicked ok on that window.

clicked on the Title to add the song title and the same "access violation" as above and then the song title appears. saved the song but does not really save. the same thing happens when I try to edit the song.

also I have a presentation slide that I added a video to the background and when I added to the schedule and try saving the schedule it gives me the a error that the video is being used by another program window. had to remove the background video and that same background I add to the presentation slide well on the schedule to be able to save the schedule. weird.

running win8.1, 64x
gtx630 video card which I am planning to upgrade to a gtx700
16 mg of memory
500gb hd and a second 500mg hd for all my easyworship files, video clips, schedules...etc.

what version of EasyWorship?
6...the latest built