[v6 General Discussion] NIV not working


So I downloaded the EW6 update - all seems to work great. Then I went into the Bible section, and the NIV says something along the lines of "This translation is no longer available for purchase.". Seemed strange, so I went into all versions to see what was available for download. Found the NIV version that we had previously installed in EW2009, and there was a button labeled "Download". So I clicked that, it changed to "Downloading", then it changed to "Installed". Clicked back to NIV in the Bible area, and still the same message.

I tried restarting the EW6 program, but still no luck. Can you let me know what's going wrong please?


Have you registered your version of EasyWorship yet? That will allow you to use the previous version of NIV if you had purchased it with 2009. The 1984 version of the NIV is no longer available for purchase anymore which is why you get the message you are seeing. The new version is the NIV 2011 (if you bought the 1984 you should now also have the updated 2011)
Yeh, it's registered. I think it might be a bit confused, because it says it's installed, but just isn't working. So I've downloaded the bible version from your main website and will try loading it through there.
Are you still having this problem?
We are also experiencing the same issue. Easyworship 6 shows installed NIV bible but when we click on the bible it says "The selected bible is no longer available for purchase". I need help.
If you are trying to install the 1984 NIV it is no longer for sale since we updated our contract with the copyright holder. We are only legally allowed to sale the 2011 NIV version.
Maybe a renegotiation with the NIV people is required.
We have a lot of 'older' NIV's in the church (proper old style printed words in books if the USA remember those !)
There is no way we will be buying new ones unless someone shows us how the old ones are heretical.
If the 'old' version is not available for EW6 then we simply won't project the reading and simply use our printed bibles.
To us in Yorkshire UK it's a no brainer .... sell the old version or you won't sell any version.
Just to be clear. IF you purchased the NIV 1984 in the older version of EW it will still be available as well as the 2011 version.
Wait, so what's the resolution? We're having the same issue.
For customers who have purchased the NIV 1984 version before the release of EasyWorship 6, we can make it available for them in EasyWorship 6. NIV 2011 is the only version Zondervan allows us to sell. If you are seeing a message stating that the bible is no longer available, that means that you do not have a license for the bible that was purchased before the release of EasyWorship 6. If you have purchased the NIV 1984 in the past and still see that message, please create a support ticket. There may be an issue with your account that we need to resolve.