[v6 General Discussion] How to set a Default Font that will stay for all songs

I would like to set a default font of Comic Sans size 12 for all the songs used on Easy Worship. How can I do this?
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Thank you.

Click edit, options, song, song font.
Set the font name to the font you wish to use.
Click OK.
Thank you Roger. What I meant, was how to set the default font, so that all existing songs, and any new songs automatically default to Comic Sans size 12, without me doing them all individually.

Thanks, Mary
That setting affects all new songs or any songs that you have not already set a font on.
Thank you.
Is there a global way to make it change the existing font on existing songs?
Thanks, Mary
You can edit the song, click inspector,
Select the text box you want to change, click on font and click on reset styles.
Keep the inspector open and select the text box on each slide and reset styles.
This will probably be easier in the future.
I have the same issue.
I find the Default Font settings useless. Maybe it should had a function where this feature could overwrite the selected fonts in songs.
I tested creating a Theme with font settings at default and applied it to a song. The song now seems to respond to changes made to Edit -> Options -> Song -> Song Font. That would be quicker than resetting each slide using Inspector. Unfortunately a Theme also changes a song's background.
Well, I did that but I found that it does not always change the fonts for all the slides. It changes for the 1st slide, but not the rest. I still see the font size and font name for the other slides to be something else (e.g. the "default" tahoma font, with size of 20 or something). I have tested it out - sometimes it will set to the right font that is from the theme, but sometimes it does not. So now I am go through each and every song to make sure it is set to the default font and size (for my case, the difference in the theme is the background and the text positioning, font type and font size is the same for all themes).
First, does using the inspector in this manner make the song respond to the global fonts settings in the future?

And are you saying there is there no way to set the global font and size for our imported 2009 database?

All my songs came in with their backgrounds, but the font and font size were wrong. I changed the global font and it seems to have changed it on in the imported songs, but the font SIZE will not change with the global font size setting.
Global/Default settings should not override Local/Song settings; unless the song is using default settings. In EW2009 it was easy to tell if song was using defaults and songs were easier to manipulate since there was a single text box. In EW6 it's not easy to determine if settings in a song are default; especially if you use multiple text boxes.
99% of my songs in 2009 used default. That is not how they imported.
Sorry to hear about your conversion issues. I changed my default font to a script font (to make it more obvious ) then checked about 100 random songs (out of 700) and only 1 song didn't use the new default.
Changing the default FONT changed it in all my database, but changing the default font SIZE did not. Really do not want to have to do the above fix on a thousand songs.

So I am stuck again not being able to use Ver6.
I just changed my default font size in options on build 1.6 and it changed all of my songs to match. Closed and reopened and the setting stayed.
I can only assumed that the songs have all been modified to use a specific font size instead of the default font size.