[ANSWERED]Font selection problem on EW6

We have the same problem on two computers. Both are running Windows 7 and the latest release of Easyworship 6 (6.4).

As you can see in the linked image the problem is that the font ITC Avant Garde Std Bk is not able to be selected in the Song Fonts dialog in the options.

https://flic.kr/p/FdSyir:je3qycv7], on Flickr

I am sure the only reason that font is able to be used at all is that this particular computer has been upgraded from an earlier version of EW that did not have this problem.

On the second computer I am not able to use this font at all - since apparently it is a new installation it defaulted to Tahoma. On this computer the font is an Adobe OpenType font. In both cases the font can be readily seen in Control Panel and is accessible in other applications.
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EW6 does not support Open Type fonts at this time. I have already added it to the feature request list.