[ANSWERED]Web Audio from two browsers instances

I have a Windows 10 computer with Easy Worship 6.4.8. I use the web browser to find a website (Youtube) and "Go Live" some sites play fine. I click on "Web" and open another website to que it and the audio plays mixed with the first website and of course is a mess for he congregation. Now if I stop and audio on the second site I am queuing and "Go Live" with it, I have an almost impossible task of finding the volume control using he cursor on the projected image since there is no preview that functions on he computer monitor. I am sure I am missing something obvious here so would like to hear how others use the Web to play Worship Songs.
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The only way you can do this is to schedule the videos ahead of time because if you are live with a video on the secondary output and then go back to the Web and select another video it is going to play in that window and then you will have audio from two separate videos at the same time.