[ANSWERED] Weird Scripture search problem

This past Sunday we had a weird glitch in EW6.4.8.0. When we tried to type in a scripture reference (i.e. Romans 5:8) it would search within the body of the text, rather than the book of the Bible, so what came up were all the verses that contained the word "Romans." Is there a setting for that somewhere? I looked, but couldn't find one. Easy Worship locked up a few times during the service, so after restarting the program for the third time the scripture search was back to normal. It didn't return to normal after the first or second restart. I've been unable to duplicate the problem. Anyone seen this before?
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You have clicked on the book and changed it to contextual search. If you see the little magnifying glass symbol then you are in contextual search. You just need to click on the magnifying glass symbol and change it back to reference search.