[ANSWERED]Audio Playback during Slides looping

When I add audio to play with a set of slides it works great. However, I found that it loops the audio automatically. This is a real problem because the computer operators need to remember to switch songs or blank the screen when the audio is done or else it will start again. EW 6 is also missing the play/pause button that 2009 had when a song was linked with an audio file.

I saw this was mentioned a few years ago in a previous post, viewtopic.php?t=11808

Any chance an option to not loop the audio could be added?


If you right click on the audio file and then click on Edit Audio Properties and then under repeating change it to the arrow pointing to the right this means that it will only play once.

I have already added the request for the pause and play buttons to the list for the Development Pipeline.
Thank you Terry, changing the audio properties works great! Also glad to hear that the buttons will be coming back in a future version.