[RESOLVED QUESTIONS] EZW7 MAJOR problem with schedule editing

Just upgraded from Ezw6 to 7 last week. EZW6 ran smoothly with few issues. Pleased with most of what I've seen so far, but we have a MAJOR issue with editing songs that are in a schedule. When attempting an edit, the screen freezes for a minute or two, then when it unfreezes, the next attempt to edit causes it to freeze again. Neither The mouse or keyboard responds within any portion of the EZW7 window, but the keyboard can bring up the task manager. To my surprise, there is not a maxxed out cpu or memory usage. Both appeared to be at 50% or less. So something in the edit process is causing EZW7 to freeze. This has caused undue problems for 2 weeks and has doubled the time and effort to produce a completed schedule. Also makes it impossible to edit on the fly during a service. I normally have 4 songs in the schedule along with other things such as a welcome screen and a countdown screen. We never had this freeze problem when editing a schedule with EZW6. Computer has 8gb memory, 128gb Nvidia video card, and a i5 intel processor. Any suggestions?


A footnote to original post: We are using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

This isn't something we have been seeing with EasyWorship 7. I recommend giving us a call +1 918-250-1493 or creating a ticket at https://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new so a tech can work more closely with you to find a solution.
Problem solved. Thanks to all involved.

I had to upgrade to Nvidia GTX1050 video card.
Winman, what video card did you upgrade from?
I believe it was Nvidia geforce GT610 1GB, which was way to weak for Easy Worship 7. But it performed on Easy Worship 6 just fine.

Before upgrading to a higher level of Geforce card, I highly recommend removing ALL previous software for Nvidia graphics cards.

There are removal software downloads that can be used to do this. Otherwise, the GTX1050 software will not install properly.
Thank You Winman.