[RESOLVED]Easy Worship wont start

today Easy Worship wont start up at all
Its been working fine for the last year.

getting this error:

"Exception EEncodingError in module Easyworhip.exe at 00039A15
No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byt code page"

Ive tried reinstalling, setting my default printer (advice from other post)
I have no idea what to do.

(System Info removed for Easy Reading. See Attachment.)

I'm very sorry you are having this problem. This sounds like possibly an issue with a font or a system language setting. What language and region are you using on this computer?
Hi Roger

Were in Denmark Copenhagen, so we are using a danish version of windows,
which has not been a problem for the 5 or so years that we have been using Easyworship in our church.

This sounds very similar to a problem we have a solution for. Please try the solution at the following link.
https://support.easyworship.com/solution/articles/6000131859-exception-eencodingerror-in-module-easyworship-exe-at-no-mapping-for-the-unicode-character-e:2b3fwwhy]Exception EEncodingError in Module EasyWorship.exe
Dear Roger

This didn't work for me, but it did lead me on the right track

I looked at the other .ini files and the history.ini file there had 3 lines with file paths to old schedules that we haven't used in 6 months.
I deleted to lines saved the file and opened Easy Worship and voila - we're back in business!
PTL! I'm glad you got it working! Good Job!
I've updated our instructions to include the history.ini file.