[Tips & Tricks] Multiple images in the schedule

In the continuing absence of a fix for the Powerpoint issue I'm telling my folk to not bother creating Powerpoints but simply send me the images as .jpg files. These I can readily add to the Resource area and thence to the schedule. Sunday we had a series of 5 photos to be displayed consecutively. Somehow I managed to load two photos into the same schedule item - exactly as per consecutive slides in the presentation editor or a PP slide show. But I couldn't figure out how I'd accidentally done this and I do have a vague memory of reading something about this facility somewhere on the forum. Can anyone confirm the procedure? (this isn't a big issue, it would just make the schedule neater (and shorter) if all the related images could appear as one item rather than multiple items in the schedule.


I think this is the video that you saw.

http://training.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/24000018708-so-long-powerpoint-]So Long PowerPoint!
Thanks Terry

I'd got everything but the CTRL drag - I was simply attempting to drag the subsequent images onto the first one!