[Tips & Tricks] Using animation for text

We are trying to build a presentation to go along with an accompaniment CD for our Christmas musical. I would like to have the song lyrics on the screen and have them change with the music. I can do that with slide timings. What I would like to do is have the words do more than just pop on the screen. Maybe have them 'fly in' or 'fade in' , etc. I'll be using different motion backgrounds as well, not changing with each slide, but using 1 or 2 per song. Can the Presentation editor do this, or am I stuck with using Powerpoint? For some reason, powerpoint tends to cause EW6 to not respond at times.
Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I wish the musical had an Accompaniment DVD, but it is too old.


To have an audio clip play along with the song lyrics at the same time, you will need to edit the song in the database. Here are the steps to do this:

1. In EasyWorship 6, click on the Songs tab and right-click on the song in the database, and click Edit Song.
2. On the left-hand side, click on the Masters tab.
3. Click the Media button at the top, and in the drop-down menu, click on Audio.
4. Drag the audio file you want to use and drop it on the Master slide on the left hand side. (You should now see a little speaker icon in the top left corner of the main slide view.)
5. In the top-right corner, click on the Inspector button, and under Slide, click on Transition.
6. Choose what transition and transition settings you want for all the slides.
7. Now click on Slide on the left-hand side.
7. For the Advance Slide drop-down, change to Automatically.
8. In the After box, you will need to put in how much time you want for the slides to advance. Now this will change for all the slides, so if you need a different time for each slide, then instead of making the changes here on the Master slide, you would need to click on each individual slide and then click Inspector and follow these same steps to adjust the time.
9. Once you are done adjusting the time, you will click on the little red "x" in the top-right corner to close the Inspector window.
10. Now click OK at the bottom.

You should now be good to Go Live to this song and it should play the audio file automatically and change the slides automatically based on the song timings you set and also will apply the transitions you set also.
If I am understanding you correctly, we need to build this as individual songs rather than as a presentation? Do we then put the individual songs into a presentation so that once we start, it will automatically proceed from one song to the next?