[v6 General Discussion] Keyboard Shortcuts

I'm looking for EW keybaord shortcuts. I've found these online, but the 'GO LIVE' shortcut doesn't work.

Can anyone help please! Can I customise them?


First Slide HOME

Last Slide END

Next Slide DOWN

Previous Slide UP

Next Schedule Item RIGHT Arrow

Previous Schedule Item LEFT Arrow


Clear text screen Ctrl+C

Black screen Ctrl+B

Logo Ctrl+L

Nursery Alert Ctrl+N

Message Alert Ctrl+M

FoldBack Alert Ctrl+F -
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A more complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts can be found starting on Page 100 of the User Manual that can be downloaded from It's for EW7 but it should be the same for EW6 (can't find the link for the EW6 Manual any longer).

Page Down for Go Live works for me, but you have to be Live for it to work (as in you must have the LIVE icon activated/pressed).

And I don't know of any way to change the KB Shortcuts.