[v6 General Discussion] Playing video in EW 6

Hey - we have been having some trouble loading videos in Easy Worship 6. Seems the file format is mp4, but according to the file properties, it typically loads with VLC media player. When we add the file to our schedule, it just won't play. We're not sure if its something with the file properties or what we have going on. Can someone shed some light on this for us? Thanks

If you are playing mp4 files in EW6 then you will need to either install the K-Lite Decoder pack using the basic installation.

Here is a link to information about this http://throwback.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/8591-easyworship-6-video-decoders]Codecs
I am experiencing a new issue in EW6. MP4 playback has recently given me a problem in that the soundtrack is not in sync with the video. It worked well for the last two or three years. I am on the latest EW6 version and all PC updates have been done. File is MP4. Grateful for your help.
It could be a video card issue or video codec issue.

If the video is a very high HD video such as a 1920 x 1080 and the video card is an Intel HD 4000 or some other lower end card it will not work well.