[v6 General Discussion] Live output is crashing on latest version

I was just now able to update to the latest 6 update version and the live output freezes when playing videos. Can't display anything else including black screen or logo.

That's similar to my results. I have no problems with 1080p videos, both H.264 and 265 on 2nd and 3rd gen i5's with HD 2000 or HD 3000s without disabling that option. The Intel HD 4600 is a little over twice as powerful so it should be able to handle 720p videos.
I haven't had problems with it until the update.

I've updated the drivers to the latest drivers approved by Lenovo. I didn't want to update to the newest Intel drivers because I won't have time to fix it before Sunday if it crashes anything. The update has improved matters but hasn't resolved it. The videos don't freeze but they have lag/chop.

It won't be until next week, but what's my next step?
If this is a desktop PC like I think it is then installing a discrete graphics card to replace the integrated Intel graphics would be your best bet. New and Refurbished GTX 1050, 1050ti, and 1060s are going for $100 to $150 US from Newegg and would make a world of difference. And replacing a spinning rust hard drive with an SSD would probably help as well.

If money is tight and you can't do the above, make sure that you don't have a bunch of other programs running in the background bogging down the system. Make sure you have at least 20% free hard disk space. And run a few maintenance steps.

Open administrative command prompt and type:

1) sfc /scannow

hit enter and let it run

2) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

hit enter and let it run

3) chkdsk /scan

hit enter and let it run.

Download and run CrystalDiskInfo to see the if your hard disk is going bad. This can cause all sorts of problems. Just extract the archive and run it. You don't need to install it. If it shows a lot of errors then your drive might be failing which would be quite normal for original drive in a computer of that age

If that doesn't help or it it's a laptop, which I don't think it is then it might be time to do a Repair or Clean install of Windows to see if that can clear up the problem as replacing the graphics chip is not an option.
It is a desktop. I'm running the OS and software off of an SSD. There aren't many programs installed.

But I do have all of my media on a normal hard drive as I have a lot more space on it and when I installed the SSD, the higher capacity drives were still pretty expensive. So I'll scan my secondary drive and test some video files off of the SSD.
That sounds like a good plan. Keep us up to date on how it goes.