[v6 General Discussion] Feeds are only showing as black boxes.


I am trying to set up some video feeds in EW6 to experiment with using this for live video switching. I initially tried this on a desktop PC with Intel integrated graphics (I think a G2030 CPU), and while it worked, the performance was too low to properly handle the 1080 60fps webcam I was using.

I installed EW6 on another machine with a 5820K and an AMD R9 390 and tried the same procedure to add the feed. EW recognises the camera, and the camera "active" light comes on when this source is chosen, but I only get a black box where the video should be. I also tried this with an NDI source, again the source is recognised but the window remains black. OBS has no trouble with the webcam.

My output is not blacked out, EW works as expected with any videos or images in the schedule.

I understand that Nvidia cards are recommended over AMD, but is that enough to break this feature? The PC this would ultimately be running on has an i5 6500 and a GTX960, so if this is the issue at least it will only hamper testing.

Thanks for your help.

I need to clarify that you are using EasyWorship 6 and not 7.

EasyWorship 6 doesn't have NDI functionality, but EasyWorship 7 does.

Most likely you are dealing with a camera incompatibility and not a video card incompatibility.

While we recommend NVIDIA cards, that doesn't mean that the AMD won't work. At this point there is nothing that suggest that it's a video card issue.
Hi Rodger,

Yes, this is on EW6. NDI isn't actually part of this system, I was just using it to provide another video source to try to narrow down the problem, but it won't do that if it's not compatible anyway. It does show up as a source in the feeds menu though. I used the test pattern generator from NDI tools and it appeared as "NewTek NDI Video - (Directshow)".

The test camera is a Logitech c922 webcam. This did work on the G2030 PC, also running EW6. The image from the camera was displayed as expected, albeit with a performance hit.

What build of EasyWorship 6 are you using?

I don't have that cam to test, but I have tested the Microsoft web cam we have in house with the R9 200 series card and it seems to be working ok. Windows 10, EasyWorship
I'm on, downloaded today from here.

As it happens this was actually implemented today, and it works as intended. It's a PTZ camera into an EZ capture type device. This means I don't really need to get this working on the computer I was using for testing, but it would be good to know what's happening in case I run into it again.