[v6 General Discussion] Video Pulsing

Dear all

An issue has arisen with Videos being played through Easyworship 6. We have had some issues in the past and had to convert local videos to WMV's as Mp4's have had issues. This was later found to relate to the resolution of the screen being too high for the projectors. All had been working fine with both Web (Youtube) videos and local ones for some months. After making seemingly no change to any part of our setup, a few weeks back a different issue has no arisen. Videos will play but playback starts and stops at 1 second intervals. The audio plays fine and does not stop/start but the video what I can only describe as 'pulsing.'

I took a screen grab to dempnstrate what I mean which is here https://cjd-gmail.tinytake.com/sf/MjkxOTQzMl84NzU3NjIx

As you can see, playing videos through a browser is absolutely fine, even playing them through the 'Web' part of easyworship works without issue. It is only when they are part of a schedule that the issue arises.

I have tried the following:

- Ticked the 'Disable GPU shrink filter' option in Advanced easyworship settings (as suggested by another post)

- Installed all Windows updates (Win 7)

- Disabled a video capture card and associated software to ensure it was not this

- Checked video drivers and all show as up-to-date

- Uninstalled anti-virus (AVG) but had no effect so reinstalled

- Tried changing the resolution on display monitor to lowest (800 x 600)

I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas?
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Please provide the system specs for your computer.

CPU, RAM and Video card information will help immensely.

Also if you can create another video like the one you posted with task manager open to the performance tab that might also help us see if the CPU is maxed out for some reason.