[v6 General Discussion] Problem with Themes

We are having a major problem with Themes on EW6. All of the thumbnails but one have a black or blank thumbnail with just words and when you apply the theme it's just a black/blank background. The only one that isn't black is red gradient. If I switch to the default profile (the one that EW setups up during installation) Themes work correctly with thumbnails showing the appropriate image/video background. It's the one that has our songs, images, videos, backgrounds, etc that doesn't work. The profile was setup originally in EW2009 several years ago and worked fine there. When we installed EW6 it converted/merged/whatever for use in EW6. The hard drive started failing after about a year so I replaced it with an SSD and did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64, Office 2010, EW2009, EW6, etc and copied the profile to the new installation.

I suffered a series of strokes about the time we initially installed EW6 and never worked with it due to reflexes, hand eye coordination, etc. I've recovered enough to start working in our Soundroom last week and that is when I noticed the problem with the Themes. No one working with EW6 ever mentioned it to me and our old Song Leader who setup the schedules left the church last month so I have no idea when this problem occurred. For all I know it could have happened during the initial install of EW6. I tried transferring that profile to a different computer with a fresh install of Windows and EW6 and it does it on that computer as well. This leads me to believe that it is something in the profile databases that has become corrupted.

Is there anyway to rebuild/fix whatever is corrupted/broken short of starting over with a new profile, importing all of the songs, images, videos, etc into it then setting up all of the Collections manually? I looked in the EW profile Database folder, found the Archive folders, then tried replacing the Themes.db file with one of the backups but that didn't change anything. I'm trying to find an old backup of the profile from before I installed the new SSD but am not having any luck so far. I also tried renaming the media.thumb.1.db file to old and letting EW recreate it which didn't change things.

I also tried renaming the Data folder to Data.old in the V6.1 Database folder and had EW6 re-import the data from EW2009. Themes appears to work, but we are missing a TON of data (songs, images, videos) and all of the Collections are gone. I don't know if that helps diagnose the problem or not, but we have to start somewhere.

Hopefully someone from EW has some idea about how to fix this as I'm pretty much out of ideas. While I have the time to create a new profile with all of our stuff, I'm definitely not looking forward to spending the amount of time that would take to do so.

So Help me Master Kenobi. You are my only hope.

You can get the demo backgrounds back by clicking on the profile menu, then add/remove demo data. Allow it to remove demo data then go back and add it back using the same steps.

That will get a lot of the default demo themes.

You can go to media and select multiple images or videos that used to be used as themes, right click and use the copy to theme command to add them to the themes.
Thank you. I'll give that a try.
Okay, that worked. Thanks again. Have a good (and safe) weekend
Glad to hear it.