[v6 General Discussion] Osprey 100e capture card

Hi all

We have installed an Osprey 100e capture card into our Visuals PC and installed the relevant drivers. We have an osprey icon in the system tray and this gives options etc. From the window we have been able to bring up a window showing the input which comes from a basic surveillance type camera plugged into one of the composite inputs on the card. This seems to look fine.

If I then add this as a video source into Easyworship, as soon as I bring it live it shows the image fine fur about a second, then the image freezes for a couple of seconds, then catches up. This repeats all the time the image is live - a second of live image then freezing for 2, then catchup etc. etc.

There was one occasion where it seemed to have corrected itself and showed a constant live image but the next time I tried it repeated the same issue.

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas what the problem might be.