[v6 General Discussion] Moving schedule between PCs

New to the software and this board so obligatory apology for basic question up front.

I am growing tired of going to the church every Saturday morning to build the presentation for Sunday morning. If I do my work at home on my system and store the schedule on a thumb drive will newly downloaded songs, graphics, etc be contained in the schedule and be ready to go? Or will I need to re-download any songs, etc on the target PC to make it work?

Any other tips for this ?
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I prepare all our Sunday schedules at home, save the completed schedules to a shared Dropbox folder. From there I can edit them until the point where they are picked up for use on a Sunday by the AV operators. A side benefit of this is that Dropbox notifies me of any changes to shared files so I can see when a change has been made - usually by the preacher installing their PowerPoint a few minutes before the service starts!

Something similar (minus the "live monitoring" of schedule content) could be done with a usb drive.

Here are the things I have had to learn:
1 - make sure that the option to "pack all files by default" is ticked (Edit>Options>Advanced) because this keeps any videos, PowerPoints, images in the schedule.
2 - decide which computer will have the "master" song database on it. In my case the master is on my home PC and I periodically save a back-up copy of the EW Data file to the shared Dropbox folder from where I copy it on to the church PC to keep the song list updated.
3 - in order to transfer new resources from a schedule into either the church PC data file or my home PC data file, I "right-click" on an active schedule and choose "Check schedule for changes" and follow the prompts as appropriate which gets missing resources, songs and even updated song-layouts into the relevant data file.

This is not the slickest way of operating, but in the absence of support for a cloud-based data file it works for our set-up and the work-flow is usually straightforward and seems to achieve what we want with minimum of hassle.