[v6 General Discussion] Custom Fonts?

Newbie questions. We are using SW. ver 6.7.8 and creating our slides in PPT currently, Using CG Omega Font, it seems that when the PPT is imported, the font changes. So we are "Guessing" that Worship does not support CG Omega? Is there a way to download it into the SW? Is there a list of Supported Fonts?
I expect we are doing things wrong, we are still only at the very basic stages. Help / advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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EW will support any font that is in Windows. Make sure you have the font installed in Windows on any computer you want to use the PowerPoint slideshow on. PowerPoint is in control of PowerPoint slideshows, not EasyWorship even though EW is running it.
Just make sure you have the font installed in the windows fonts folder and you should be good to go.